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❓ How to Create Sprints in Jira

In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of creating a sprint in Jira, helping you organize your tasks and achieve your sprint goals easily.

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How to create sprints in Jira preview

Here's a step-by-step guide for creating a sprint in Jira:

1. The Jira project must be set as a Scrum type.

2. Access your project's Backlog.

3. Utilize the "Create Sprint" button located at the top of the backlog.

4. Transfer tasks from the backlog to your sprint by drag and drop.

5. Initiate the sprint by clicking "Start sprint."

6. Customize your sprint by updating its name and setting a sprint goal, if desired.

7. Choose the desired sprint duration.

8. Start the sprint with a simple click.

Step 1: Set Up a Scrum Project

To create a sprint in Jira, you first need to establish a project with a Scrum template. Click on the "Create Project" button and select "Jira Software" under "Scrum" projects. You'll have the option to choose between "Team Managed" or "Company Managed" projects.

Choosing the right project template in Jira

Step 2: Design Your Backlog

Once your Scrum project is created, your backlog is the place to organize items for your future sprints. Add tasks, stories, or issues that you plan to work on in the upcoming sprint.

Back Log in Jira
Back Log in Jira

Step 3: Create Your Sprint

To create a sprint, click on the "Create" button within the backlog. You can customize your sprint by naming it, setting its duration (custom or predefined), and adding a sprint goal. The goal serves as a common target for your team, visible on your Kanban board.

Jira Edit Sprint Window

Step 4: Plan Your Sprint

Before starting the sprint, ensure you've assigned issues to it. Drag and drop the tasks into the sprint. This will populate your Kanban board with items for tracking.

Plan your sprint in Jira backlog

Step 5: Start Your Sprint

Click the "Start Sprint" button to initiate your sprint. Review the sprint information, then click "Start." Now, your team can begin working on the tasks, and the countdown clock will show you how many days are left in the sprint.

Start Sprint in Jira

Step 6: Track Progress and Complete Sprint

Use the Kanban board to move items and monitor progress. Once all tasks are completed, click "Complete Sprint." You'll have options to move any remaining issues, create a new sprint, or review and finalize the sprint.

Complete sprint Window

Creating a sprint in Jira is a crucial step in agile project management. With this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to set up and manage sprints effectively, ensuring that your team achieves its sprint goals. 

Start sprinting with Jira today!

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