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❓ How to Move a Subtask from One User Story to Another in Atlassian Jira

Not sure how to move a subtask from one user story to another in Atlassian Jira? Check out our quick How To in Jira and learn to do so in a few simple steps!

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Atlassian Jira is a powerful tool for managing projects and tracking issues. Sometimes, during the course of a project, you might find that a subtask created under one user story fits better under another. This could be due to changes in project scope, realignment of tasks, or simply a reassessment of where the subtask logically belongs.

When to Move a Subtask

Here are a few scenarios where you might need to move a subtask:

  1. Change in Project Scope: The project's direction has shifted, and the subtask now aligns more closely with a different user story.

  2. Reorganization of Tasks: During a project review, it's decided that certain tasks need to be reorganized under different user stories for better clarity or workflow.

  3. Error Correction: The subtask was initially created under the wrong user story by mistake.

Step by Step Process of moving a single subtask

Step 1: Locate the Subtask

  • Navigate to the user story currently housing the subtask.

  • Find the subtask you wish to move in the list of issues.

Step 2: Open the Subtask

  • Click on the subtask to open its details.

Step 3: Move the Subtask

  • Click the Actions button on the top - right hand side (represented with three dots) in the subtask's details view.

  • Click on it and select "Move."

Subtask Move Action in Jira

Step 4: Select New Parent Issue, Change Issue Type, or Project

  • In the Move Issue dialog, you'll have several options. This is a crucial step where you can not only select a new parent issue but also change the issue type or move the subtask to a different project.

  • Selecting a New Parent Issue: You can type the name or the ID of the user story to which you want to move the subtask. A list of suggestions will appear based on your input. Choose the appropriate user story from this list.

  • Changing the Issue Type: If the subtask needs to be converted into a different type of issue (like a bug, task, or user story), you can do so in this step. Select the new issue type from the available options.

  • Moving to a Different Project: Sometimes, a subtask might be more relevant to a different project altogether. In this case, select the target project from the drop-down list. Remember, the available issue types and workflows might differ based on the target project, so ensure that your subtask aligns with these new settings.

  • After making your selection, click 'Next' to proceed. You may need to map fields or update certain issue attributes in the following screens, depending on the changes you're making.

How to select a new parent when moving subtask to another user story

Step 5: Confirm the Move

  • After selecting the new user story, confirm the move by following the on-screen instructions.

New parent field will be retained when moving subtask in jira

  • The subtask will now be moved under the new user story.

Confirm the move to a new parent in Jira

Step 6: Verify the Move

  • Navigate to the new user story to ensure the subtask is now listed there.

  • Check that all details and comments from the subtask are intact.

Subtasks Navigation for Jira promo banner

Bulk Moving Subtasks

In situations where you need to move multiple subtasks at once, Jira offers a bulk move option. This is particularly useful when you're reorganizing a large number of tasks or managing significant changes in your project.

Step 1: Access the Bulk Change Tool

  • From the main dashboard, use the search functionality to find the subtasks you want to move. You can use various filters to narrow down your search.

Note: Moving to another parent issue requires all selected subtasks to be under the same issue.

Step 2: Initiate Bulk Change

  • Look for "three dots" button on the top - right hand side. Click on it and select "Bulk change ..."

  • Select "Move Issues" from the bulk operations menu.

Where to find bulk move action in Jira

Bulk move issue selection window in Jira

Step 3: Choose the New Parent Issues

Window for choosing bulk move action in Jira

  • In the Bulk Move wizard, you will be prompted to select parameters of the move similar to moving the single subtask described above.

Step 4: Review and Confirm

  • Review your changes to ensure each subtask is being moved correctly.

  • Confirm the move by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Verify the Bulk Move

  • After completing the move, navigate to each new user story to ensure all the subtasks have been correctly reassigned.

  • Check that all details and comments for each subtask remain intact.

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