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❓ How to View Subtasks on Your Jira Board

Learn how to view Subtasks under their parents on your Jira board, whether it is Kanban or Active Sprint board we got you covered!

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If you are working in your Kanban or Scrum project and you have trouble with displaying Sub-tasks either in your Active sprint board or Kanban board you are at the right place. Jira does not display sub-tasks associated with stories in its default setting, therefore we would like to guide you in this tutorial how to do so within a few steps.

Jira is typically designed to simplify the planning and management processes for you and your team by focusing on the big picture rather than details behind each story. Nevertheless, there are certain cases where the details are important, and having them presented on the Active Sprints or Kanban board is crucial to your team's collaboration. In such circumstances, continue reading to find out how to do so.

How to view subtasks on Kanban Board

1. Step: Access the specific Jira project

2. Step: Open the project's Kanban board 

3. Step: Click on the three-dot icon situated at the screen's top-right corner and choose the "Configure Board" option from the list

Select configure board in Jira

4. Step: Navigate to the "Swimlanes" tab located in the left-hand side of the screen

Select method set to Stories in Configure board menu

5. Step: Set your "select method" to "Stories" 

6. Step: Return to the Kanban board, and you should be able to see your sub-tasks displayed and conveniently arranged within the swimlane

Subtasks visible on Kanban board in Jira

In case this doesn’t work, try checking following:

Firstly, verify the sub-tasks' status. If your project utilizes the Kanban backlog and the sub-tasks' status is "Backlog," they may not appear on the board.

Secondly, inspect the filter configured for your Kanban board. If the board's filter is set to exclude subtasks as an issue type, the swimlanes won't display them.

How to view Subtasks on Jira Scrum Board

With Scrum board it is a bit easier, whenever you create subtasks they will be automatically displayed under their parent in your Active Sprints view.

Subtasks displayed under their parent in active sprint board in Jira

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